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Greece and the Arab World

Videos of lectures and conferences, publications and communications on Greece, Cyprus and the Arab World.


Greece and the Arab World


Since Antiquity, strong historical ties bind Greece and the countries that make up the Arab World. Inscriptions from the 2nd century B.C., discovered on the Greek islands of Delos and Thasos, as well as in Attica, bear testimony to the ancient Arab presence in the Aegean. 

In modern and contemporary times, the Arab World was the host to significant Greek diaspora groups, some quiet well known, such as the Egyptian one and others somehow lacking visibility, such as those of the Bilâd al-Shâm (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine). 

In spite of these strong ties, Arab studies in Greece, as well as as Greek studies in the Arab World, suffer from poor institutional backing and a tendency to favor the study of Late Antiquity and Medieval Times over more recent periods.  

The program Greece and the Arab World, launched at the French School at Athens in 2012, aimed to fill this gap by exploring research themes which had been overlooked until then and by building bridges between Greek researchers working on the Arab World and their Arab counterparts working on modern and contemporary Greece. 


EFA Research Program 2012-2016

Conceived and managed by Basma Zerouali


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Greece & the Arab world — Communications


Banner image: Esteberianos Khoury family archives.